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Good for the planet

I invite you to broaden your vision of our common passion, skydiving, and also see it as a means towards Consciousness.

"CaerDelCielo" is one more attempt at it.


I find myself after 17 years in the sport, with more than 12,000 jumps and on the verge of giving up everything for a feeling of incongruity.

How to respect my natural essence while being aware of the negative impact of skydiving on the environment?

In life as in flight, working on balance is a daily challenge.

Following this concept, I decided to offset the harmful effect of our activity with decisions that lead to a positive impact.

With direct deals, in a controlled way and a long-term follow-up, the actions are real and visible.

The first project I got involved it is called "Project Centeotl":


It has 3 axes of action:




- Develop, support and promote the planting of Organic corn in the Amatlán Valley.


- Reforest the surroundings of the cornfields.


- Teach the ancestral knowledge to children.




With a first financial support of $10,000 MXN that came from the CAMPechano event, hoping to see the results at the end go the event in order to have total confidence to continue contributing.




In September the results will be published, and the possibility of making DONATIONS will be opened to involve the entire skydiver community and strengthen the impact of our actions.