I was born in Avignon in the south of France on February 17, 1985.

I jumped for the first time in 2004 in Skydive Pujaut, the town where I grew up.

I started working in skydiving and learned with the school "Tombé du ciel" as a parachute packer first, then I was a cameraman, then I graduated as a freefly coach, belly coach and PAC instructor in 2009 thanks to 2 years of training at the FFP (French Parachuting Federation).

Also this year I graduated in STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Sports Activities) at the University of Avignon.

In 2010 I moved to Mexico, where I have resided ever since, in the town of Tepoztlán in Morelos.

Now I dedicate myself entirely to personalized or group coaching, and to the organization of events.

Passionate and creative professional, I like to explore and share new paths ...

Come and let's fly together!



From the state of Mexico, in the small community of Ojo de Agua. Thats where I grew up in the Sports, being foot ball soccer and aggressive in line skating the two disciplines that moved me.

Later in life, I would find myself doing activities like Zip Lining and Bungee Jumping as a normal Job. Eventually all of this lead me to Skydiving.

I was graduated in the Accelerated Free Fall USPA program in the Drop Zone of Skydance Skydiving. Where also later I would take the USPA Couch program.

I took a chance in this art with my heart, and now I love to share it with whom ever wish to improve their skills having fun and being part of the collective mind that we become in the Sky.

¡A darle vuelo a la hilacha !